Cloud Migration Service

We have observed numerous large-scale transformations. In the past, a company would shift to virtualization or the cloud once every five to ten years; we are now seeing companies make many rapid transformations months after moving into the cloud. This rapid loop of Transformation, Operation, & Evolve has improved speed to market and innovation for companies worldwide. At DSNetwork, we leverage this cycle of transformation in our approach to migrations. We’ve shifted the conversation from migrations being a large one-time event to the first of many rapid cycles. Our Cloud Migration Framework supports transformative actions, such as platform migrations with an eye towards the next evolution and transformation for our customers.


Realistically, there are many restrictions on materializing every type of IT infrastructure in Cloud.

The difficulties of materializing the IT environment in Cloud are due not only to technical issues but also cost efficiency and physical location issues according to the laws and regulations, but they can be overcome with a hybrid environment.

By maximizing IT infrastructure usage of the existing legacy, we assure you of more efficient operation with less initial establishment cost and integrated management points.


The hybrid cloud is rapidly becoming the go-to cloud model, and it’s easy to see why. With many organizations hesitant when it comes to the cloud, being able to have a foot in each door helps ease the pain of the ‘big move’ and the fears many have of the cloud. And yet, while the hybrid cloud presents the best solution to these issues, migrating to the hybrid cloud is a complicated process that can only find success when it’s been properly planned and implemented. Before digging in too deep, make sure you, your team, and the organization as a whole understand where you’re going and how you’ll get there.

 - DSNetwork