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DSNetwork is a team of engineers, project managers, and security professionals that helps companies build and manage their cloud infrastructure. We recently launched our company with providing IT services and technical support to risk-averse companies with mission-critical, compliance-driven applications.

Knowledge Base

How to integrate AWS VPN with Palo Alto Networks firewall

There are simply two ways to configure VPN to AWS VPN. Either you can copy and paste the downloaded configuration from CLI or use GUI to make changes. Copy/Paste is kind of simple process also you might miss opportunities to acknowledge a bit unique configuration so that I am going to explain in GUI mode.

Make sure that you downloaded the PAN OS configuration file and I am going to use PANOS 7.0+.

download configuration



How to setup VPN on AWS

With the VPN connection on AWS, you can create a disaster recovery site or even architect serveral redundant sites. Here I am going to show you how to setup VPN connection on AWS.

To create a VPN connection from your VPC, you must first create a virtual private gateway and attach it to your VPC. Then you can create a VPN connection and configure your VPC. You must also have the CIDR range for your network in which the Windows server is located, for example,

To create a virtual private gateway